Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Time to Move On

Nearly six years ago I agreed to take a leap out of my comfort zone and join my friend Christina as a Profiles Editor for Literary Mama. I felt like Bambi on ice as I started to learn the ropes. I'm still not entirely sure what made the powers that be willing to take a chance on me at that point (most likely Christina's generous recommendation) but, eventually, I found my feet as an editor. Over time I was able to take on more responsibility and, as Christina moved on to a Senior Editor position, I even got to welcome a new editor to the profiles department and made a wonderful friend in Susan. I am proud of the work that I've done at Literary Mama in the past few years and proud to have been a small part of a truly remarkable group of women who work on this labor of love from all over the world. 

Month after month I got to work with writers interviewing writers and broaden my perspectives on motherhood and creativity. I learned from the feedback given by the Senior Editors. I had the opportunity to collaborate with women from many different backgrounds. I made connections with incredibly talented writers and I'm grateful. Without a doubt I gained much more than I gave in my time with Literary Mama

March/April 2022 was the last issue of Literary Mama that I worked on as a profiles editor, after choosing not to renew my contract. Working full-time and keeping up with a busy family, I found that the time I spent on profiles was keeping me from spending as much energy as I'd like on my own creative pursuits. For the first time in a long time, I'm not seeing the flurry of emails that indicate a new issue will be coming soon. Fortunately I don't have to sever ties with my Literary Mama family completely. My profile of Jamie Sumner was published last September, and I'm looking forward to sharing the profile I will have in the May/June 2022 issue. 

If you haven't yet taken time to read the gorgeous, thought-provoking, mother-affirming writing that Literary Mama publishes, please take time to look at it soon, you won't be sorry.

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