Sunday, December 01, 2013

Hap-Happiest Season of All

For the next month or so (minus the time when we are in Wisconsin) this will be my view from my little writing desk. It makes my heart happy...

I must admit I was so pleased last night when one of Harper's friends exclaimed, "You have so many pretty ornaments on your tree!"

Now my children probably won't have many happy golden memories about decorating our tree because it is an area where my inner control-freak comes out in a big way. I love doing it and I am very particular about how the ornaments are arranged. We also have quite a few breakable ornaments. So Harper and Michael do get to help, but only a little and only with certain ornaments. It is just the way it is. They will have plenty of other happy holiday memories...

We have all of the ornaments that I received throughout my childhood and now Harper's and Michael's, plus the ornaments Matt and I have received since being married. Some of my favorites are ornaments from students and friends. For many of the children's ornaments I have fond memories of who gifted them or of what I was thinking when I chose them myself. 

Over the years a couple of ornaments have fallen or been dropped, and I think of those, too, as I unpack and carefully place the ones we have. 

Pardon the cheese, but unpacking the ornaments feels like unpacking boxes full of our blessings. Little reminders of happy times, of people we love who love us. All the more special because in a few weeks they will be packed away again.

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