Monday, May 28, 2012

Wrapping Up

I cannot believe this is the last week of school for my kids! It feels like the end of an era because next year I will go back to school with them... Rather, I'll go back to the classroom.


I got a teaching job for the fall.

Our summer is going to be short. School starts for me on August 13th (no students until the 20th though) and for my kids on August 14th.

We'll spend time in Wisconsin, Minnesota (just Matt and I), and Michigan this summer. There will be swimming, gymnastics, bowling (!), basketball, and misc. day camp. We're maaaaybe (I hope!) going to swing a weekend in St. Louis. On Wednesday a swing set is being professionally installed in our backyard. I'm taking two online classes to keep my teaching license current. I'll transition my Vice President/Volunteer Coordinator roles with the PTO to the new person and try to get a handle on co-President duties.

We're doing summer fast and furious this year.
Come on Summer! We're ready!
And you?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Where We've Been

Well hello. How are you? This has been a whirlwind month and obviously a bad month for posting...

I'm thinking I need to put myself on some sort of schedule if I have any hope of all of continuing this blog. And I want to continue, even if no one is reading it. I guess I'm finding that, as the kids get older, living our lives is getting in the way of computer time. Which is mostly good.

I also had a job situation brewing which I wasn't really at liberty to discuss. I actually had a very brief post up about it briefly, which you only caught if you are using a feed reader or saw it on Facebook. It was too soon to discuss anything, which is why I went back and yanked it. More about all of that soon.

This past weekend was largely occupied with our first big-deal ballet recital. Involving costumes! And (reluctantly and minimally) make-up! And me watching lots of surprisingly helpful You Tube videos about how to make the required ballet bun. (I have to admit I was totally tickled when someone complimented Harper on her bun as we walked into the dressing area. I did an internal high-five.)

I know it is completely uncool to brag about our kids or admit how great we think they are, but, well, er, just LOOK at this child? There are moments when she totally amazes me and the poise and maturity she showed this weekend were just beyond.

Can you believe this kid? Can you believe she is mine? How is the gorgeous creature (of course I think she's gorgeous, being her mother) the same baby I held seven years ago? Not possible.

Way to go Harper! We're so proud of you.

P.S. Holy cow was the whole dance recital thing a pain in the rear! I'm thrilled we only have to do this ONCE a year. I mean, it was fun to see her all dolled up and part of me died a happy melty death watching her onstage - BUT do you know how long we were at the auditorium? Oh, about six and a half hours total for the weekend. For about ten to fifteen minutes on stage. At least she only danced in two of the three shows - it could have been worse!