Sunday, May 23, 2010

Things I Know

1) My mom is awesome - she flew down here for two days when the kids' daycare/preschool was closed just to take care of them and then turned around and flew home.

2) I'm looking forward to seeing Straight No Chaser in concert in two weeks - my Mother's Day gift from Matt and the kids.

3) The end of school is bittersweet. I LOVE my job. I do not love waking up at 5:45 or rushing around with the kids in the evening.

4) There are more books I want to read than I could possibly hope to finish in ten lifetimes. And yet I persist in watching television.

5) I would like to give up caffeine, or at least drinking pop.

6) Kids smell nice after a bath.

7) Our dog is rather neglected these days.

8) I love my friends.

9) I have a lot to be thankful for.

10) I might work next year or I might not - either way is probably okay.

11) I have failed in spectacular fashion when it comes to blogging three times a week in May.

12) I will try again in June.

What do you know?


Emily said...

I know that I am SUPER STOKED about a little meeting that you have...tomorrow, I think? :) I'm wondering if the mural that I painted in 6th grade for the 25th anniversary is in the hall still, and if maybe you might spot my name on one of those cards in the backs of the books?

FINGERS CROSSED...because I'm totally coming to visit you on a lunch hour if you end up there...

bluedaisy said...

I know that one day I hope to be that grandparent who can swoop in and save the day! That is so wonderful and I am sure it eased a stressful situation for you! I also know that as long as there is Starbucks, I won't completely give up caffeine. But I'm with you on giving up pop!

Hillary or Ryan said...

I completely understand loving your job but hating waking up so early. Remember when we used to be able to sleep in until 7:15 (or later) at second bugle at camp, and we thought that was early. Ha! And I have failed so much at keeping our blog going that it is now my husband's job. Thank goodness! In terms of what else I know, I know that I'm ready to have this baby and be done with the pregnancy part. Bring on sleep deprivation and chaos! Love you!

MamaK said...

I know I love your blog, however many times you write.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kels,

I have to agree your mom is awesome!!