Friday, November 06, 2009

Flashback Friday

Whew! I seem to enjoy cutting the daily deadline a little close.

My original idea was to have Friday be a flashback day and share an old photo with you, along with the story behind it. However, our scanner isn't cooperating right now so the furthest back I could take you would be the month before Harper was born - not exactly the type of flashback I was imagining...

Instead I thought I'd offer you a real treat and share the poem of mine that was published in Teen Magazine in 1992. I would like to remind you that

a) I had been trying to write a poem that I thought they would publish, hence the cheese

b) I understand that this isn't what one would call a good poem

c) In 1992 we thought bathing suits should have leg openings cut approximately as high as one's armpits.

And now, my poem:

"The One"

We sit on the beach so close in the sand,
we're watching the waves
and you reach for my hand.
You turn to me and look in my eyes,
the kiss you give is no surprise.
As we sit watching the setting sun,
I'm wondering if you are the one.
The waves lick the shore
brought on by the tide,
we laugh and joke as they chase us inside.

We enjoy the warmth of a newly built fire,
we sit in the glow as the tide becomes higher.
We remember our day, recall the fun,
and the whole time I'm wondering
if you are the one.

Wow, was I good or what? (I laughed so hard as I typed that I'm practically crying.)


Anonymous said...

You are a literary genius (circa 1992)! You made me laugh a little. Thanks for sharing your poem.
~Beth Anne Krahn

Nowheymama said...

I had no idea you were a published author! :)

desperate housewife said...

And was he, Kelsey? Was he THE ONE?
Ah that's good stuff. I've vaguely considered posting some of my high school poetry but I'm not brave enough yet.

Swistle said...


Also, those would make excellent song lyrics, and I'm not being silly.

bluedaisy said...

I was thinking the same thing about the song lyrics--listen to some of what is on pop radio, even today, it fits right in!!
You rival Debbie Gibson or Wilson Phillips in my book :)
It's the perfect teen poem!!!

I was never published but now I will have to dig out a poem written by my teenaged-self

Chris said...

Thank you, thank you! I did laugh, but really, at the time, that was brilliant writing! And you already knew how to write to your audience...Genius!

Sara said...

Love it! It is so cool that this was published! I used to cut poems out of my magazines and tape them on my wall--maybe I posted yours???

Emily said...

Oh, Kelsey. That is SO classic. I also love that there is a really good chance that Cindy and I read that poem together back in 1992, as we used to read Teen magazine over the phone to each other. If only we had known who was on the other end of that pen!

Mel said...

Wow I can't believe its you!!! Back in 1992 My friend and I saw this poem in Teen magazine and memorized it...we must have been 12 years old, daydreaming of man we would one day marry. Even after all these years, I still think of this poem whenever I go on a date!! Well it's so nice to finally "meet" you. Thank you!