Sunday, November 30, 2008

So Long NaBloPoMo

Well in the end November went by more quickly than I'd anticipated. I still feel full of things to write about. With our birthday celebrations and Thanksgiving behind us, I think it may not be too difficult to keep this blogging up right into December. Not every single day in December, but I'm going to try to flow with this momentum.

I'm starting to regret the whole holiday CD contest. . . I'm about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through putting my Christmas CDs into iTunes and there are already over 400 songs on the Christmas play list. How on earth will I narrow that to 20 or so to put on a CD??? I am going to have some very specific questions for the winner, which will hopefully help me figure out which version of Jingle Bells will suit her/him best.

I thought this would be as good a time as any to write a few follow-up thoughts to guessing game from a couple of weeks ago. Owning a ferret was the untrue item. I have never personally owned a ferret. We did have ferrets in the nature centure a couple of summers at the camp I worked at/attended, which is where I came up with the ferret idea. So I have held, played with, and even named a ferret, but never had one of my very own. And, while the camp ferrets were fun we also had rats at camp and I have no desire ever to own either!

I realized, after the fact, that the bungee jumping was kind of a freebie because I listed that on a six (or seven?) things meme a while ago. So many of you guessed that I wasn't a risk-taker, or life-risker, and I have to say that those weren't bad instincts. I went bungee jumping with my dad during a family vacation the summer I was fifteen. I remember because I used that as my something interesting during classroom introductions in our high school public speaking class. I enjoyed the bungee jumping and I think at one point you might have even convinced me to jump out of an airplane. HOWEVER, I would probably not do either of those things now that I have children. Not that they are any less safe than they ever were, but I feel a little differently toward them these days. Maybe when the kids are grown I'll jump out of an airplane or go bungee jumping to celebrate, but probably not.

It's sweet that so many of you didn't find the poem thing hard to believe. When I was fourteen or fifteen (I think) I had a poem published in Teen magazine, which may not even be a magazine anymore. They published readers' work every issue and I actually remember reading the poems and thinking they weren't so impressive. I fancied myself more of a serious and dark poet (ha ha ha, ahem) at the time. The poems were all kind of gooey love poems (Love poems by teenagers, great!) and I recall thinking that I could probably write a poem they would publish. So I did. And they did. The poem was called, "The One." Doesn't that just ooze originality? Ugh, gag me.

I'm pretty sure I have a copy of the poem somewhere, but I am equally sure I no longer have a copy of the magazine. I think I got rid of it when I was cleaning my room out, without realizing I'd thrown away that issue. Despite the less than stellar poem, it was pretty cool to see my name in print like that. I save EVERYTHING (found a sixth grade volleyball trophy when recently cleaning out the basement) and I can't believe I don't have that magazine.

So, um, if anyone has back issues of Teen magazine from the early 90's, let me know!


Giselle said...

I'm so glad you are going to keep posting frequently...I'm really going to go through withdrawal this week...

Kate said...

you know, a certain librarian is going to try very hard to track that one down for you...

Anonymous said...

No Teen Magazine...sorry...but I do have a small "book" of your original poetry. And I'm pretty sure that "The One" is also included! Now I feel pretty special I must admit! If I can dig it out...I'll make some copies and send the stuff to you (if you want!)
and yes, i have saved it all these years so that goes to show the importance of our LONG friendship!
Love you!

Emily said...

OMG! I am totally 100% sure that I (and Cindy) read your poem in Teen magazine. It's not something that Cindy would readily admit to, but she and I used to subscribe, right in that timeframe, and when they magazine came to our houses, we would call each other and go through the entire thing over the phone. Isn't that crazy that we probably read your poem?

But alas, I have not kept my back issues. Darn it!