Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pay It Forward: Winner!

I got on the computer this morning and suddenly remembered that I needed to choose a winner for the pay it forward contest. So I hopped on over to and used the random number generator to generate a winner. And the winner is Laura!

I am so excited that Laura won, for many reasons. . . She is a blogger that I've gotten to know over the last couple of years. Her sister-in-law's sister is a friend of mine from college and I originally found her blog by clicking through the other two.

Back in March, when Michael was still in the NICU, a wrapped gift for our family showed up at his bedside in the hospital. It was from Laura! Now remember, this is a woman I've never actually met. Inside the huge box were perfect little gifts for Harper, thoughtful pampering items for me, and some wonderful newborn sized clothes for Michael. Can you imagine? A huge box of extremely thoughtful, perfect gifts from a stranger. Oh, but not a stranger, and any of you reading this probably understand how she was not really a stranger. Because she has been poking around in my life and I in hers, through these blogs of ours, and now I am so happy to feel as though I'm paying her back with something other than a thank you note (Which, incidentally took me FOREVER to write, back then, and she was super gracious about it.).

I get all sentimental thinking about it, how much I love this little online community, and thinking of all the support I draw from it - all the time, but especially this past spring when things were so, so difficult. All those comments and well-wishes were like little tiny life boats and flares, offered up to help us get through. Thank you.


I bought Michael a new outfit from The Children's Place the other day, hoping for something that would work in the family photo we're taking next week. Yesterday I made him try it on, to make sure it would work. Harper saw him in the little button down shirt and said, "Michael is ready to go to work, all he needs are pants and a tie!" If the drool factory was hiring he might be able to earn a pretty nice wage.


Swistle said...

Oh that cute shirt! I have the same one (I think) for Rob, in blue, and it's gorgeous. I should have bought one for the other three boys, too!

bluedaisy said...

Michael looks a little man :) Amen to your sentiments about blogging. I am relatively new to the mix and already I feel the bloggy love!

Laura said...

Hooray for me to be picked as your big winner!! Your announcement totally made my day, but not quite as much as your sentiments about blogging. I very much appreciate the nice things you relayed about how we "know" each other. Truthfully, I feel the same way about you. Like you said, it's funny how we've gotten to know so much about one another's lives simply through blogging and I know that the day will come that we actually meet and see all of the kids' fun personalities and hear their laughter in person.

You have also been a great friend to me and I will never forget your first comment to me as you offered such a reassuring piece of advice on my blog as you "poked" around and knew exactly what I needed to hear.

And about my gift to you, it was my pleasure my Friend.

Mommy Daisy said...

I concure. This blogging community rocks!

Aww, love the little shirt on Michael. :D