Sunday, November 02, 2008


Here we are, the second day of National Blog Posting Month and I'm drumming my fingers on the desktop trying to decide what to write about. . .

This week is going to be crazy, by our standards anyway. There's only one evening that Matt will be home and bedtime is really a hassle if we can't go one-on-one with the kids.

Tomorrow I am going to be interviewed for a portion of the accreditation process at the grad school I attended. Suddenly I am exceedingly nervous about this because I loved my program and want to represent it well. However, after spending the better part of four years conversing mainly with children all day, I often find myself floundering when asked to articulate anything more complicated than a Curious George synopsis.

We had Michael re-evaluated by a physical therapist and we are receiving weekly visits, at least temporarily. It is a good thing, jumping on a problem before it becomes too big a problem, but it has made me exceedingly stressed about the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of my house - especially since this nice lady comes and basically sits on our floor for an hour. (And yet, am I cleaning right now? Obviously not!)

On Friday I was on the parent side of a parent-teacher conference for the very first time. Harper is doing well in school and I didn't hear anything that surprised me, which made me feel good. I think she behaves in school pretty much the way I imagined she would. I felt oddly validated - like I really do know my own child well. Her strengths and weaknesses have played out predictably in the school setting and we came away with some good ideas for ways to help prop up her weaker areas - which mostly boil down to patience and fine motor skills. We also learned that Harper would prefer to play games/do things her own way - can't imagine where that comes from! I think there's a little bit of oldest child syndrome there.

When leaving the conference, I did find myself wondering if Harper's teacher likes her. Not every teacher likes every child - sometimes the chemistry just isn't there. Harper loves school and is learning and doing lots of fun things. I have no concerns about whether she is being treated well or anything like that. But I hope that her teachers are enjoying her, at least a little bit.

So there's a little random brain dumping for this fine evening. I'd better start keeping a list of ideas for posts or November is going to be one l-o-n-g month!

Anything you'd like to know about?


CARRIE said...

Here's a question and possible November post: What do you plan to do when the kids grow up? And how grown up do you intend for them to be before you do it? How does that prospect make you feel?

Just curious.

MamaK said...

Holy cow- Carrie had a great question. I second it. Other idea- and this may be archived so you can just direct me to it-- how did you figure out Harper had a peanut allergy? What are the odds that Michael also has one?

Swistle said...

The "chemistry" thing is so interesting to me. I've noticed it particularly with my firstborn, because he's a little eccentric. I'm always fingers-crossed that he'll get a teacher who thinks he's NEAT, rather than a teacher who thinks he's ODD.

I'd like to know what colors you like. And what baby names you'd consider if you had more children. And if you have a usual seat in your living room. And if Harper is the sort of child who's on your lap as soon as you sit down, or if she's non-lap. (I've got two lap kids, two non-lap kids, and one undecided.) And I'd like to know about your siblings. And who your best friend was growing up. And whether you were a shy child. And what your least favorite housework task is. And whether you and your husband disagree about the thermostat.

Emily said...

I like this post.

I would feel the same way walking away from a PTC. I would wonder, "Is she being professional and polite, or does she really like my kid? I hope she isn't annoyed/frustrated by my kid."

And as a therapist who has done many a home visit (and who has been to your house), I am 100% positive that your PT has no negative thoughts about your cleanliness whatsoever. Unfortunately, you wouldn't believe some of the floors she's probably sat upon.

I also like Carrie's question. I "third" it.

desperate housewife said...

I think if your house was spotless the PT might be worried you weren't paying ENOUGH attention to Michael! So I say, make sure it's messy enough! Maybe sprinkle some extra crumbs on the floor just to be sure!
I already worry about that whole teachers liking my kids thing. I mean, I assume they won't be overtly MEAN to them, but one obviously can't help clicking with certain kids more than others. I just hope she never has a teacher she genuinely doesn't like.

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, good luck with NaBloPoMo. I'm doing it too. Asking quesitons is a good thing. If nothing else, it can be filler for days your not sure what to say.

Let's see if I can think of something. What is your ulitmate favorite vacation spot and why? What movies/TV shows do you like best? Or what have you been watching lately? Does your toilet paper go over or under? Why?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I have so much to say!

While eating lunch today, I read back through some of your archived posts from when Harper was around 17 months (Ruth's current age). It was amazing -- I think the two of them must share some kind of connection. I feel like there are so many similarities, everything from size to personality to energy level. I'll have to call you soon so we can discuss.

But enough of that, here's what I want to know:
1) What your voting experience was like (after the fact, of course!)
2) Harper's current career aspirations
3) Your fondest memory of "The Honesty Booth" on Flyer Radio
4) If having two kids (at this point, anyways, now that things are a little more "normal") is harder or easier than you thought it would be
5) Any good books you have read lately

I love you! Tracy

Liz said...

it is so funny that you mentioned that you wonder if harper's teachers like her. i just wrote a ridiculously long post about luke and preschool (i think it was mostly therapy for me!) and although i mentioned many things - i forgot to mention that as well - i worry if the teachers like luke or think his "obsessions" (saying "mommy be right back" every 5 minutes) are annoying or slightly endearing and something that a lot of other kids go through as well. gah! us moms can drive ourselves crazy with all these thoughts!!!
anyhoo - loved this post and i would also love to know all the little random things about you - your taste, your style, what you like, what you dislike, crazy random memories about school or childhood, etc, etc...

bluedaisy said...

I would like to second Emily on the whole "house cleanliness" thing. Having been in MANY houses at this point, the only troublesome things for me are 1. Bugs- as in cockroaches or fleas and I have thankfully only encountered this twice and 2. Not having an area conducive to the work that needs done. I also don't like it if a house is TOO neat/tidy because then I am worried about messing it up. Although I have never met you, I feel certain that your home is a pleasure to be in :)