Thursday, November 20, 2008

"It Snowed for Real!"

That's what Harper said about the lovely snowfall we had today. It snowed a little last weekend, when we celebrated her birthday. I asked why that wasn't real snow. Her answer? "Because it was too early." Oh, okay dear.

I"m hesitant to post anything new today, in fact, if it weren't for NaBloPoMo, I wouldn't because I am having too much fun reading everyone's comments on the Santa post. So if you haven't shared there yet, will you please go and add your two cents? Pretty please?

Since I have to post something today, here are a couple of shots of the dusting of snow.

What will we do to keep ourselves occupied during the long, snowy winter?

Well, apparently our self-portrait skills could use some work:

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bluedaisy said...

We only had flurries today but Michael told us "Christmas is coming"...I can't explain where he got that but it was cute!