Saturday, November 15, 2008

Without a Hitch

Here are some of my favorite photos of Harper's birthday celebration:

Harper got all shy about being sung to.

Things were better once she was able to lick the frosting off of some candles.

We pushed our luck, leaving the dog unattended too long, and he ate all the frosting off one end of the cake. Fortunately this was after the singing and blowing out of candles. I lobbed the end off and there was still plenty of cake to go around.

I love this photo of Harper with her new Fancy Nancy doll, what a riot!

Harper doubled her collection of My Little Ponies today, as well as getting some outfits for them and a My Little Pony Ice Cream Cart. I strongly suspect their numbers will grow again in about forty days.


Mommy Daisy said...

Aww, so cute. It looks like it was a great party (even with the dog/cake problem...can't always be perfect). And Harper is adorable with her cake and presents.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Harper. Love the ladybug cake...very cute. We've had to be pretty creative over the years for the three girls also. Funny, our last cake was the butterfly.
I've often thought of taking cake decorating classes to make them look a little fancier but the girls really do seem extremely happy about the ones we do together at home. I usually feel just a little guilty about not having the store bought cake like so & so and allow them to decorate the cake with a million too many sprinkles and gumdrops. So they don't seem to mind a bit:)
Glad Harper had a good day!!

Anonymous said...

She is such a cutie :) I LOVE the ladybug cake by the way!

Hope you enjoyed your birthday as well Kelsey!!!!!


Swistle said...

Oh, that CUTIE.

Erin said...

HILARIOUS about Rebound. Glad it was after you all got to enjoy looking at the cake and singing.

Harper is precious. Looks like the perfect birthday. (And happy birthday to you too, again! You didn't even MENTION your own birthday. What a MOM.)

Anonymous said...

That exact same cake/dog situation happened to my family at one of our birthday parties growing up. My mom did the same thing -- hacked off the end, served the cake anyways.

The cake came out so great! I hope Harper loved it.

Hope Harper's celebration and your actual birthday were both terrific. love Tracy

Anonymous said...

I am alittle disappointment that Uncle Joe and I did not get a shout out for braiding the My Little Ponies hair!!! Thanks for such a great weekend Kels!!!
Love Shannon