Saturday, November 01, 2008

We Survived Halloween!

I'm so relieved that Halloween is over. I really don't like the holiday much to begin with and it is one of the worst holidays for peanut allergies. At one point Matt suggested we take a pass on the whole trick-or-treat thing and start a different family tradition for trick-or-treat night, unfortunately Harper is already old enough to desperately want to go trick-or-treating. . . And they don't celebrate Halloween at her school (thank goodness!) so trick-or-treat is the only time she gets to wear her costume.

Last year we had her trade her unsafe candy for candy from our safe stash. She only collected about 20 pieces anyway, so that worked out fine. This year we decided to develop a points system and let her trade candy for other stuff. Harper had so much fun going door-to-door this year. I'm glad we decided to let her participate - we can always adjust down the road if we find that we need to. After all was said and done she had some safe candy, primarily from Nana and Dziatku, and Auntie M, a Tinkerbell DVD, and a new Dora book. Not bad.

Do you see the ribbon-festooned headband? Those are guilt ribbons. Things have really gone downhill in the costume department since Harper's first Halloween, when I over-compensated for my dislike of the holiday by sewing her costume. The second year I was way over the "starting from scratch" and I just added some ears and a tail to a gray sweatsuit - instant cat! Last year I was pregnant, but no one knew it yet, and way too tired to be worried about Halloween costumes, so a hand-me-down ladybug worked just fine.

So this year, when I did what I said I'd never do (BUY a Halloween costume), I decided I had to add a personal touch at the last minute. So I tied some ribbons onto a headband, which had absolutely nothing to do with Ariel, to make it more costume-ish.

I'm not sure they had the intended effect, but both the headband and the mermaid costume are resting comfortably in Harper's dress-up bin, so all's well that end's well.

I did decide to attempt to blop, by the way. Though it may be a bad sign that I was thinking about getting ready for bed and almost forgot to post tonight!

Don't forget to set your clocks back, and remember to enter the new pay it forward contest.


Erin said...

Glad it went well for you. I know it is a tough holiday. But she looks like the happiest little mermaid EVER.

MamaK said...

I dunno... you SAY you're overcompensating, but the kids look AWESOME and Harper's having FUN and (as if that wasn't enough to land you squarely in the good parent corner) AND you're handing the peanut allergy. No matter what kind o' costume you dream or drag up, it's looking pretty darn good to me!

Mommy Daisy said...

Aww, she's so cute in her costume.