Friday, November 28, 2008


I accompanied a friend of mine to a surprise birthday party this evening, returning home a few minutes ago, and just now realized that I hadn't written a blog post today. And now I'm tired. Blah. I can't believe I almost forgot about this. Here are a few items of business:

1) People in my immediate family can stop entering the Christmas CD contest - silly gooses. CALL ME and I will just make one for you.

2) There were many good questions asked earlier this month when I didn't know what to write about, as well as many intriguing questions in recent comments - I do intend to post about those things, but not on nights that I'm still at the computer at 11:30.

3) I have a new question for you tonight. What would you want for Christmas if money were no object? Something for yourself that you would love and use, but that is too expensive for current practical purposes. And let's just assume that the world is perfect and no one need answer like a beauty pageant contestant and say they only want world peace. (I think we can all agree that world peace is on the top of the list.)

If money were no object I would hope to wake up Christmas morning and find a brand new minivan (with all the bells and whistles) in my driveway. Honda Odyssey, I covet thou more than diamonds.


Mimi said...

Hey, Kelsey,
I'm Jen's mom from "Three's Company". I truly hope your dream wish comes true. the Honda Odyssey is wonderful--but naturally we didn't get one when our kids were younger. Iremember vacations with 5 kids in the car and a trunk and car top carrier overflowing. We didn't know any better then and look back on those days with fond memories. Now the grandkids (and our adult children) take advantage of the "bells and whistles." Moms understand that diamonds are not always a girl's best friend. Linda

P.S I want to go to California any time I want to see our oldest daughter and her family. Only seeing them occasionally just isn't enough.

PAM said...

Great question!
Mine would be a round-trip ticket for all of us to England for my 40th Birthday next year. That would cost about $3,000, so I'm not being too greedy!

Swistle said...

I would want to wake up and find all my drafty 1960s windows replaced with new ones, the kind that fold in for washing.

Erin said...

I want the Honda Odyssey too. That or the Voltzwagon Routan.

I would like a weeks vacation somewhere. And a house cleaner to come once a week. Or once a month. Or just once period.

CARRIE said...

I'd want Santa to bring me a mini-van, a vacation package to Ireland, all new long-sleeve shirts from Old Navy (am I the only one who's midriff lengthened after having kids, or is it the hump that makes my shirts shorter?), enough money to get my hair colored every month for a year, and all new glasses.

I love to play this game as much as "What would I do if I won the lottery?" (which is fun even though I never buy lottery tickets).

Lil Mouse said...

i want our own house, in the country, with good water, no nosy neighbors, good roads, and close enough to make my husband home within half an hour of getting off work, but still private enough to dance naked in the backyard without drawing attention (or being placed on youtube)

Chris said...

Hi Kelsey. I just want a good night's rest.

But I can appreciate wanting the is soooooo useful!

Anonymous said...

Now that i'm not getting any work done today since I'm posting on your site. Oh well! i also love the Honda Odysey and that will probably be our next car considering we can't fit three car seats in the CRV. But, if it were a present just for me and i could be totally selfish...I'd love some sort of unlimited pass to a nice Spa where i could go and get massages etc for a year! uggh, that would be a dream come true. :)

Astarte said...

I want a really, REALLY good camera. One that can take action shots without getting blurry, and doesn't need to use flash mode to focus properly!