Monday, December 01, 2008

Thank Goodness for Slippers!

First a gross poop story, then some thoughts on commercials of late. If you want to skip the poo part, read the text below the picture of the adorable smiling baby.

You've been warned.

So Michael has always been a kicker - ever since his NICU days those little legs have been flailing, pedaling his imaginary bicycle. When he is on the floor or laying in his bed (On that FIRM crib mattress, how do they sleep on those?) the sound of his heels hitting the floor/mattress could be mistaken for someone knocking on the door.


The kicking intensifies if he is especially amused/excited. I was changing Michael's poopy diaper this evening and I did what I always do, remove the dirty diaper, set it at the edge of the changing table, and work on getting the clean one in place. Of course I was talking and playing with Michael as I made the diaper swap and either his legs must be longer or his kicking reached new levels of enthusiasm because, before I could stop it, he was merrily kicking his heels into the poopy diaper. Ew! Right? But that's not the end of it. . .

So I was trying to grab his now poopy feet and contain the damage as Michael was gleefully avoiding my grasp, poop was getting all over my hands, and I was trying to access the wipes while keeping the mess from spreading even furthur. At some point in all that chaos I totally failed to notice the hunk of poo Michael's feet had flung to the floor.

Until I stepped in it.

Thank goodness I was wearing slippers.

And now a couple of thoughts on commercials. . .

I may have mentioned this last year, as it is a perennial holiday annoyance of mine, but I really dislike the commercials where one spouse surprises another with a new car. Who does that? I mean, I suppose people in a certain income bracket might, but the masses are not going to wake up on Christmas morning to a brand-new (usually luxury) vehicle with a red bow the size of Texas on it in their driveways. ESPECIALLY in the current economy. You think we might have taken a pass on those commericals this year. Thanks for another heap of unrealistic expectations Media! Matt came home with a Wii the other day and I was aghast that he'd made that big a purchase without consulting me, I would probably have a panic attack if there was suddenly a new car in the driveway. (Incidentally, the Wii was/is for an auction, it's not ours, nor did we pay for it, and he just made it look like that because he knew it would freak me out.)

Moving on -

Have you seen the ATT commercial which shows people's hands texting and the thumbs have faces on them so they look like little people? That is just plain creepy.

Finally -

There is some new vitamin (can't recall the brand at the moment) being marketed to teenagers. The hook is that there is a formula for boys and a formula for girls. Now I would buy into the fact that boys and girls might have different body chemistry/hormone things going on and might benefit from different formulations of vitamins. . . but here's the part that troubles me - in the commercial they suggest that the girl formula promotes clear skin and the boy formula promotes strong muscles. So boys don't want clear skin and girls don't want strong muscles? Really? I know I should just ignore the relatively harmless commercial, but it makes me crazy every time I see it!

Whew, I'm glad to have those things off my chest. Perhaps I should just watch less commercial television. . .


Giselle said...

One word. DVR. I don't watch commercials anymore. I think if we suddenly needed to save money and wanted to get rid of the DVR extra, I'd just go ahead and cancel cable tv all together. Because I can't STAND commercials. It's why my kids only watch PBS shows. I have a problem.

Lil Mouse said...

i have to agree with you on the vitamins. what a bunch of, well what you stepped in

CARRIE said...

I now understand your FB comment. YUCK!

Erin said...

YUCK on the poop. I have a similar poop story from baby Calum. I still think about it sometimes.

The commercials: YES. What is UP with those car commercials. PUH-LEESE.

That's why recorded television is the best. I sure love our DVR now that we have one. Pause live tv to avoid commercials? BRILLIANT.

MamaK said...

hee hee hee. at least I realize my, um, encounters with Kade's poo is part of the universal mommy initiation...

how old is harper now? your ticker shows 1 yr and some on my computer ;0