Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve: P.M. Edition

First of all, Happy Birthday Dad!!!

There are probably lots of crummy things about sharing your birthday with Christmas Eve, but at least we never forget when it is!

(I hope the crummy part has gotten easier for my dad, since he isn't, I don't know, nine years old any more.)

Love you Dad!


Christmas morning will be great, but there is nothing quite like sneaking around the quiet house, after the children are sleeping, making everything look just right for when they wake up in the morning.

There are only a handful of years in which we'll have the pleasure of pulling off this level of magic for the children. I love it and I want to savor every moment of the anticipation.

Happy holidays to all of you, readers, wherever you are. I wish you all many moments of joy and peace in the year ahead.


JM said...

I love you Kelsey and cannot wait to see you in a few days!

Anonymous said...

HI Kels,

Thanks for the birthday wishes and we hope you Matt and kids had a wonderful Christmas.Mugga and I voted and we think there should be at least one video per week!!



Lil Mouse said...

okay where did you get hte 'from santa' stickers. tell me. NOW!