Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Video Wednesday

Okay, so we got a new video camera a YEAR ago and I still haven't figured out the editing software. Which means I can't post many of our videos because they are too long/big for Blogger and could stand to be trimmed so that you only get the best bits. I've been trying to capture some shorter clips lately - in order to have a few to share here.

I know the world isn't out there clamoring for videos of my children, but I believe the relatives appreciate them. For those of you who aren't grandparents (to my children), how do you feel about movies? Are they slow? Do you see videos and just skip past them? Is there any interest in a regular video feature (like once a week or two)? I'm just testing the waters here.

Video the First: In Which Harper Sings a Holiday Song

Video the Second: In Which Harper Tells About her New Friendship Bracelet

Video the Third: In Which I Play One-Handed Peek-a-Boo with Michael and Fail to Hold the Camera Straight


Laura said...

LOVE IT! Keep 'em coming Lady!

It IS nice to hear Harper's little, 4 year old voice and her holiday song was a delight!

And the magical, friendship bracelet? Well... I'd like about a dozen of those puppies if I can get whatever I wish for with them! I loved how she told about it in her busy-breathy-kid voice. SO cute!

Anonymous said...

I personally love the videos but I am obviously a little bias. I also liked Harper's Bracelet. You should ask her to make one for her Auntie Shannon. I can't wait to see all of you after Christmas.

tracy said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE them. SO CUTE.
(ps: Your house looks immaculate! And the tree is so beautiful!)

Anonymous said...

These are GREAT! love them! That Harper cracks me up!
Elaine Skeldon

bluedaisy said...

I personally like a few videos thrown into the mix. Harper is adorable and Michael is precious. Beautiful little moments captured!

Emily said...

I know we already established this, but I cracked up when you called Rebound "bubby", since that is now my son's nickname. Hilarious! And I love the videos, they add something different to the mix.

samantha jo campen said...

I do the peek-a-boo-while-trying-to-hold-the-camera too and mine doesn't look nearly as good as yours!

I love Harper's little voice!!!