Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve: A.M. Edition

It is cold and grey and rainy today - a wet Christmas, but at least we shouldn't have too much trouble on the roads.

Here are a few random Christmas preparation photos, well except for the first one, which is just funny.

Money may not grow on trees, but apparently it grows on our refrigerator. Harper was getting creative with her piggy bank loot.

The chicken soup "base" is not pictured, but the rest of this,


and this made really yummy soup we'll eat tonight.

Peppermint bark, candy cane cookies, spritz cookies, sugar cookies, and a bowl of dipped pretzels. Bring on the dentist!

Sure, the pack n' play is useful for containing small children, but it is also useful for keeping children (and wrapping paper obsessed dogs) from getting into the presents.

These are just the presents for our siblings, parents, and gift exchanges at our extended family gatherings. Still hidden away are all the presents for Matt and the kids.

And finally, continuing to make the case that I must learn to edit in 2009, a lunch time video:

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