Sunday, December 07, 2008

  • Astarte won the holiday music giveaway! Based on my follow-up email I think we have similar-ish taste in Christmas music so I'm hoping she'll enjoy her CDs.

  • My dear friend, Hillary, won one of my pay-it-forward contests and is now paying-it-forward on her blog with some holiday goodies. Check it out! She gets extra points for hosting a pay-it-forward with a brand new baby in the house. I am sorry I didn't write about this sooner, but her contest is open through midnight on Monday, December 8th, so you still have time to enter.

  • I went with my brother and his girlfriend, Molly, to see Ellis Paul perform on Friday night. If he is playing anywhere near you I highly suggest checking it out - he puts on a great show. My only complaint was that the music didn't even begin until 9:30. I subbed Friday morning so I was up early and staying at the bar until 1:00 a.m. was a little rough. I didn't mind while Ellis was playing, but I think I'm still recovering from that late night. I'm an old lady!

  • The Ellis Paul concert also interrupted my daily blogging streak, but I will try to keep updating frequently. There are plenty of holiday happenings to discuss.

  • Here's something I've been turning over in my head lately. . . there are a lot of difficult things happening right now: war, the economy, people losing jobs left and right, things are generally sort of bleak. Is this changing how you are able to experience the holiday season? If this is generally a joyful time for you, is it still joyful this year? I am finding lots of joyful moments but then starting to feel guilty - like it is wrong for me to be joyful when so many people are having a difficult time. (Maybe this topic should be its own post, but there you go.) What do you think?


Swistle said...

I find I keep thinking, "Will I be sorry in a few more months that I spend this money?" But it's not too much more than usual.

Astarte said...

I *am* having a hard time this year, actually. We've been getting a lot of bad news about events near the orphanage our church sponsors in Zimbabwe, like they're having problems getting food and medicine, despite the efforts of people on the ground over there, due to the continuing genocide/war there. Also, I worry about people who are losing their jobs, and somewhat about DH's job as well. I *think* he's OK, but in this economy, can anyone ever really be certain? It's a scary and helpless-feeling time, that's for sure.