Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Nine Months

Today Michael is nine months old.

While Harper was in school this morning I took him to his nine month well visit. I am thrilled to announce that he has finally landed on the charts!

Height: 27 inches, 10%

Weight: 19 lbs., 5 oz., 25%

Head Circumference: 46 cm, 75% (!!!!)

Charm: Heart-stopping, 99%

(I can't believe I just typed that, and yet I can't bring myself to remove it. . . )

That last photo just cracks me right up, he looks like he's making a very important point, or maybe just getting to the punchline. I cannot wait to hear what the little man will have to say to us.

Or maybe I can, he is already growing up much too quickly.


tracy said...

That is more than Ruth weighed at her 9 month appointment! And both Ruth and Michael apparently have huge noggins (Ruth is always in the 80-90th percentile on that). I guess they are destined to be friends.
Hope all is well, I love you!

Mommy Daisy said...

Wow, he is catching up quickly. That is what my son weighed when he was 9 months old (and he was much taller & born 9lbs 11ozs). Michael is so cute and looking a lot less like a little baby these days.

Chris said...

Yeah! He is growing well, and looks absolutely adorable. I can't believe his is 9 months already!!

Lil Mouse said...


Hillary or Ryan said...

I think you meant,

"Charm: Heart Stopping, 100%"

samantha jo campen said...

Wahoo Michael!!! He really HAS caught up! He's going to be a little porkchop pretty soon :-)

I can't even imagine Theo's stats for his 9 month check up. We had to cancel it until he didn't have hives anymore, so hopefully in a week or so.

CARRIE said...

He is absolutely adorable. You are allowed to write those sweet mommy comments. :)

Astarte said...

Oh, that smile!!!!!! In that last photo, it looks like he's saying, 'ya know?!'