Sunday, December 14, 2008

Photos with Santa: A Retrospecitve

2004: Harper at about six weeks, blissfully unaware!

2005: Harper at one year - stranger danger!

2006: Harper, age two, trying to be brave.

2007: Harper at three years says, "Santa isn't scary as long as I don't make eye contact."

2008: Michael at nine months thinks he likes Santa's beard.

2008: Harper, age four, and Michael - a Santa picture with no tears, pouts, or avoiding Santa's gaze!

Harper wasn't quite her chatty self on Santa's lap this year, but she did answer his questions with audible words. For three days before our visit she told me, "I will try to be brave about Santa. I really want to tell him what I want, but I'm a little shy of him." Afterward she told me how proud she was of herself for talking to Santa. Now she's really really excited about Christmas!


McMolten said...

I love the consistency of you Santa!

Swistle said...

Those pictures are SO FUN to look at!

Hillary or Ryan said...

I love seeing all of these pictures together. I'm taking Grady sometime this week to see Santa. I am certain he will be blissfully unaware this year.

Emily said...

There's hope!! The way Katy's stranger anxiety has gotten so much worse this year, we've decided to take her to see Santa, but let her decide if she wants to go sit on his lap. She's already told me that she's "too scared of Santa. I wanna watch other people sit on his lap." So we'll see. I keep thinking...will we ever get to a point where she will happily sit on his lap?

Astarte said...

OMG, the one where she's screaming is making me ROFL!!!! I mean, look at them!!! I don't know who looks more unhappy, her or Santa!! HA!

That last one is beautiful. You made it!!!

samantha jo campen said...

Wow, that's awesome looking back on those pictures. And yeah! She was REALLY brave this year and SHOULD be proud of herself :-)

Sara said...

It is funny looking back on your pictures, especially with your commentary! The picture of Harper and Michael together is absolutely precious.
Last year was the first year Ally didn't cry and scream, but like Harper, she certainly wasn't sure about it. We had to persuade her the whole time we were in line! However, she wants to see him this year and we just haven't gotten there! But I'm not so sure how my 3months old will react...yikes!