Friday, November 27, 2009

Deck the Halls!

It's the day after Thanksgiving, which means I'm finally free to unleash Christmas in our household! Hooray!

We started small today by bringing up the Christmas books, CDs, and movies. For family night tonight we watched The Polar Express, which I love despite the facts that a) it pales in comparison to the book and b) the animation is slightly creepy. I just love the story and part of it make me cry every. single. time. I totally buy into the whole "Christmas is a magical time" scene and am a sucker for anything that has to do with belief - on many levels.

In celebration of the Christmas media reemerging from the basement, I thought it would be fun to do another Christmas Mix CD Giveaway.

Unfortunately I don't think I can have it done before we leave for Florida (in a week!) but I can do it as soon as we get back. So you'll have until December 13th to enter. Leave a comment on this post to enter. If you're stuck about what to write, tell me about your favorite holiday tradition.

After the winner is chosen via random number generator I'll contact that person to get some idea of his/her musical preferences and we'll be off to the races. Feel free to direct your holiday music loving friends to this giveaway - the more the merrier. If I have over twenty entries (unlikely) I'll select two winners. (Oh and if your comment won't send me back to your own blog, make sure you leave an email address so I can reach you if you win!)


Jen said...

My favorite holiday tradition is buying Christmas ornaments for the kids and our family each year. My mom bought me an ornament every year when I was growing up and I had an almost full tree by the time I moved out and got married. I love looking at all the different kinds and finding the perfect one for each child.

CARRIE said...

I hated Christmas until I had my own children. Well, I loved Christmas as a child, but once I stopped getting toys and just had to spend too much time with family, I didn't enjoy it. I imagine once my kids are bigger, the glow will leave until I have grandchildren.

Anyway, like Jen, I really enjoy getting my kids an ornament every year. With N, I did the Hallmark ones with the child's age (up to age 5). With G, I didn't do this, but have purchased him an ornament of some kind.

This year I found the ornaments that say "Oldest Child: Mom's Favorite," "Middle Child: Mom's Favorite," and "Youngest Child: Mom's Favorite." Love 'em.

Nan said...

Well, I remember a lot of traditions from my own childhood but I'm most excited to start new ones with my little boy! The holiday season totally gets me, too, Kelsey...I've already cried, like, 5 times at commercials and stuff. You know me, right? :-)

desperate housewife said...

Yay, I like this contest!
My favorite tradition is listening to Christmas music while driving around looking at people's awesome light displays.
(NOT our own light display, cause we suck hard core at putting them up. And have no outdoor outlets, so there's always cords everywhere.)

Swistle said...

Fun contest! I like driving around looking at Christmas lights.

Omaha Mama said...

Thankful to Swistle for sending me over for a fun contest!
Favorite traditions - decorating the house, reading the Christmas story, Christmas songs, and reading the Bible story of Jesus' birth. Lots more, but those are at the top! :0)

hockeygrrrrl said...

My favorite holiday memory/tradition is decorating our tree and our house while listening to this awesome Christmas record my mom has.

I took our kids over to my mom's this morning, to help her decorate, and sure enough she pulled the ol' 33 1/3 out of the sleeve. Unfortunately it has warped in the last few years so my sister and I have made it our missing to find, or re-create, the exact song list on this record.

If I win this giveaway I'll give you the exact song titles/singers and hopefully you'll have at least a few of them. :)

Hairline Fracture said...

It's hard to choose my favorite holiday tradition because there are so many. It's so great that we are carrying on traditions from my childhood, like a special ornament for each kid every year, and decorating sugar cookies!

Emily said...

I'm totally in! We just bought our ornaments today. I love sitting around in pajamas opening gifts with family.

sagessa said...

Yay! Christmas music!

My favorite tradition is putting all the ornaments on the tree and talking about where they all came from. We add a new one every year when we go on vacation, so the whole tree is loaded with memories.

This year we're starting a new tradition with Alex. I've decided that we're going to read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" with him right before bedtime on Christmas Eve. I went and bought a brand new copy, with beautiful illustrations and I can't wait for us to all sit down and read it together. Its kind of corny, but aren't all the best traditions?

Marie Green said...

My favorite holiday tradition? Hmmm... I like church on Christmas Eve. But there are so many favorite holiday traditions! How would I ever pick?

Jill said...

I laughed because I'm pretty sure you guys are the ones with the elf on the shelf? we saw a commercial for it on tv the other night. and we love Christmas music. it's been on since Halloween, here in the STL area, a station shuts down just to play Christmas music! I would love to be entered. You know where to find me. Oh and my new favorite is reading the Christmas story from the bible and the Night before Christmas to Keeley before bed on Christmas eve, we started it last year of course!