Sunday, November 29, 2009

They're Out

After three more hours at the ER Michael's stitches are out! Wow was that a l-o-n-g afternoon. The doc who'd stitched him up last week asked us to come back to the ER to have them removed, instead of going to our pediatrician. After seeing how difficult they were to get out I guess I understand, but our ER copay is five times that for a doctor visit. Kind of frustrating!

All's well that end's well. Our only instructions were to put plenty of sunscreen on it this summer and to try to keep him from re-injuring the area - well he's a toddler but we'll do our best.

I feel like, despite posting frequently, I've kind of been lazy about the blog this month. This week won't be much better, since we have to finish the preparations for our big trip. Hopefully our day will be a little more calm tomorrow. Good night!

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Pam said...

I'm glad they are out and no damage done.
I know what you mean about blogging this year. I've done it every day but felt like my material was boring and lazy. We can have a rest after tomorrow huh.