Saturday, November 28, 2009

Big Night Out

Guess what we did tonight? We went to a wedding with no children! There was fancy dinner, and drinks, and many wonderful people. Here we are with two of them, Matt's sister Meaghan and her boyfriend Stephen.

We stressed a little about this wedding because it was an hour away and it was a family wedding so none of our usual family babysitters could watch the kids. We ended up asking a former student of mine to babysit; her family goes to our church so we still know her well despite the fact that I was her teacher nearly ten years ago. It is a little mind-boggling that she is old enough to babysit my children. I am excited to hear all about it from Harper tomorrow. When we got home the kids were sleeping and it looked like dinner had been eaten, so I am calling the night a success!

I'm bushed from the drinks! and dinner and long ride home. Good night!

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CARRIE said...

So glad you had a great time! Nights out are so needed sometimes, aren't they?

bluedaisy said...

Date night is always a good thing :) Glad u had fun!