Monday, November 16, 2009

Michael is Still Here!

I feel like my writing has been, with fair reason, a little Harper-centric lately, so I thought I would share a quick story about Michael.

(That's how Michael looked while Harper's party was going on around him.)

Have I ever mentioned how much Michael loves a bath? We have to spell it - because if you say bath he's down the hall and climbing into the tub before we can blink. Which is funny, because he used to HATE it. One of these days I'll upload the video we took of him trundling down the hall and climbing into a running bath with all his clothes on - eh, it's just water!


Chris said...

We used to have to spell it for Zoe and Talia, too! How funny.

Please tell Harper Happy Birthday from all of us!

Lil Mouse said...

Keeley played in an outside water source at her grandparents. lucky i had extra clothes for her!

CARRIE said...

G loves his bath too. I think he just enjoys playing in a different environment from the living room.

tracy said...

Happy Birthday to Harper! We tried mailing her a little something today but alas, the post office (at the mall) was closed. So she will be getting a little something in a few days ...

We'll try to give you a call this afternoon. But if we miss you, please tell Harper happy birthday from us!

Love you all!