Sunday, November 15, 2009

They Say It's My Birthday

We're not really celebrating with presents (Yipee!) until next Friday, but here are my birthday highlights for this year:

1. The Packers won! Their season cannot be written off. And it was over the Cowboys - always a bonus.

2. I had a two hour birthday nap after church. Can I get an Amen?

3. We had a lovely and allergy incident free visit to Cincinnati. Matt's grandmother also has a birthday today and we went down to celebrate. Michael had fun mooching cheese puffs from Nana and Aunt Patty and Harper was in Polly Pocket heaven. Matt's aunt and uncle, Kathy and Dave, hosted a really nice dinner. I'm so fortunate that our families are so accommodating with Harper's allergy.

4. Matt and I went out last night to dinner and a movie. The dinner was delicious (at a place we'd tried before but not liked our meals much the first time, I'm glad we gave it a second chance). Then we saw Where the Wild Things Are which was a huge gift from Matt to me because I know that movie was not on the top of his list. I really, really enjoyed it, but wow, that is not a movie I would take Harper to... There were a couple of scenes that were dark, loud, and intense in a way I know she would have found scary, and the rest of it was sort of deliberate and melancholy in a way I think would have completely bored her. I would give it a try with her on DVD but we've decided it is a definite no go for her in the theater. I thought it was visually amazing and I LOVED the music, so even if the plot wasn't earth-shattering it worked for me.

5. I'm really excited about next weekend when lots of family will be here and we'll celebrate Harper (and me, but mostly Harper), and we'll be able to give her the birthday surprise we've been planning for, oh, about two years now. That's a clue! It's so nice when your birthday is over, but it isn't really over yet. :-) That happens to us at Christmas, too, we celebrate it here and then celebrate again up in Wisconsin... not a bad deal!


Lil Mouse said...

you're giving her a new sibling? just kidding.

Emily said...

The only big thing I can think of is a bike - but some reason I don't think that's it. It's driving me crazy! PLEASE TELL US! I'm headed to bed now and I'll probably be trying to come up with better guesses.

Anonymous said...


I completely agree about Where the Wild Things Are. The music was wonderful but the movie was dark and also wonderful in ways I'm not sure I expected but enjoyed. My 8 year old cried:( It WAS very intense!

Glad Harper's party went well!! One friend party down, many more to come:)

tracy said...

I was thinking about your yesterday -- especially during the big Packer win. What a nice birthday present!

Glad you had such a nice weekend. Love you!

Nowheymama said...

Hooray for allergy-supportive families!

Swistle said...

Happy birthday yesterday!

My guesses about Harper's surprise:

1. A big change to her room, like a redecoration, or bunk beds.

2. A new pet, like a hamster.

Chris said...

Trip to Disney World?!?

Mommy Daisy said...

Happy Birthday!

Glad Harper's party went well. I think you've learned a lot for the next kid party. ;)

My brother-in-law had told me not to take Zachariah to see Where the Wild Things Are fortunately, because I wouldn't have thought of that.

CARRIE said...

Glad you had a nice birthday! I try to make my birthday "events" in September last most of the month. Something going on every weekend that I enjoy.

Jen said...

Thanks to our carpooling to meetings each month, I know what it is! =) Can't wait to hear all about Harper's reaction when you tell her.