Thursday, November 05, 2009

Squirrel? (Now with NEWS)

Have you seen the movie Up? I was just thinking how I was especially distracted tonight and the dogs from that movie popped into my head - how they would be going along and suddenly just turn their heads and say,"Squirrel?"

I am distracted because, as I type, one of my best and oldest friends in the whole wide world is having a baby!!! Erin, from MO Mommy, went to the hospital this afternoon to have her baby girl. And mentally I'm whipping my head around every few minutes internally yelling, "Baby?"

Technology is great, because I think I'll know about the birth pretty shortly when the new little one makes her arrival - but it is also sort of agonizing because I'm dying for my phone to ring with news. AND as much as our blogs and email and phone conversations make me feel very close to Erin in a general sense, I feel very, very, very far away right now.


Edited to add:

She's here!!!! She's here!!!! Erin and Brett are now proud parents to two wonderful boys and a brand new baby girl!!! They are good good good and Erin will share all the details as soon as she's reconnected. Hooray!!!


Marie Green said...

I am peeing-my-pants excited for Erin! Wow. Just... wow!

Can't wait for the newborn photos! Thanks for letting us know!

Swistle said...

I got chills and also tears in my eyes! I'm so happy! I've been TOTALLY in "Squirrel?" mode about this!

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh yeah! Glad to see a report. I've been waiting to find out more from her.

Also doing the same "baby?!" thing for Shannon at Cerebral Palsy Baby, who went in to have hers earlier this week too. So far haven't heard. Can't wait!

desperate housewife said...

Yay! Thanks for updating; I came here first thing this morning to see if teh bebe had landed yet! Yay Erin!

bluedaisy said...

Oh yea! Thanks for the news!!!! This is so wonderful to hear :)

Lil Mouse said...

i felt this way when my friends had their babies, so I made sure that my hubby contacted one of my friends along with both sets of parents, so that they'd be as up to date as possible!

Nowheymama said...

Great analogy. We love that movie!

CARRIE said...

Yah! Thanks for the news! Can't wait to hear more!
Also looking forward to seeing UP.