Monday, November 02, 2009

Day Two

So I'm in a slightly better mood today, but I couldn't tell you why. Michael now has Harper's cold and can't sleep well - I'm so grateful we've not had ongoing sleep issues with our kids. One night of bad sleep and I feel like I'm about to go off the deep end. I cannot deal. One of the most excruciating things about Michael's early babyhood was that we had to wake up to feed him in three hour intervals, even if he didn't wake on his own. It is not right to set your alarm for 2:30 a.m. unless you are being paid in the six figures to host a national morning show.

The only thing that is even remotely good about a sick toddler is that they are almost forced to cuddle. Michael is by far my more cuddly child, but doesn't have much patience for it since he found his feet. This afternoon I couldn't do a darn thing because Michael would only settle down when held tightly in my lap. Before too long he won't fit on my lap.

I want Michael to feel better (he'll probably wake up screaming as soon as I try to go to bed) but I'll happily take advantage of any chance to hold him on my lap and smell his hair before he is a head taller than me.


bluedaisy said...

I hope Michael feels better soon but yes, in the meantime, take advantage of that cuddle-bear time! Very cute pic too :)

Giselle said...

I agree that the only good thing about sick kids is the cuddles.

And don't count out your cuddler once he gets too big. Andrew is STILL a cuddle bug (at 52 lbs), and is always trying to crawl onto our laps to snuggle up. It's like a Great Dane trying to be a lap dog...just doesn't work. But he does it anyway...our leg circulation be damned!

Lil Mouse said...

my baby has never cuddled much. the last 2 days she seems to start to hug, which is nice. by the way i love his tshirt!

CARRIE said...

I hate it when the kids are sick. I would always trade places with them. Snuggles and cuddles don't last long enough, do they.
Hope better sleep comes your way soon!

Lil Mouse said...

website with allergy type tshirts, buttons for backpacks, etc.

Pam said...

I hope he feels better soon.
Cuddles are great. My favourite thing about getting home is the run and leap hug I get from my son every day. Marvelous.

MamaK said...

ditto with the sleep issue thing. somehow, that always makes it worse!

LOVE the pumpkin pics... enjoy those hugs