Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Kids and Food

I have it pretty easy this Thanksgiving. We're having a small dinner at Mike and Ann's and I'm bringing a broccoli dish (mostly because I don't like the green bean casserole that everyone else will eat!) and crock pot turkey, which I made today. It was heavenly to smell the turkey roasting in the oven and then even better to smell the gravy. Harper, who claims not to like turkey and gravy, certainly enjoyed helping me make it.

She kept taking these deep, satisfied whiffs, then reminding me that even though it smelled good, she still wasn't planning on eating any.

I use my mom's turkey and gravy recipe, which involves cooking a turkey breast and then immediately shredding it and plopping it into the gravy. It's good over rice, potatoes, noodles, or on sandwiches. It is my favorite way to eat turkey -skipping straight to the leftovers. I cannot wait for tomorrow; the turkey will have been sitting in that gravy overnight and will heat up beautifully. There will be a traditionally cooked turkey as well - the best of both worlds.


Tonight Harper is having dinner and a sleepover with Aunt Meaghan at Nana and Dziatku's house. On his way home, Matt stopped to get Chipotle for the rest of us. We've only eaten it once before, almost exactly two weeks ago (they just opened one right down the street), but I swear Michael remembered what the soft taco was because he got all squirmy and squealy when he saw one tonight.

He happily devoured it and probably would have eaten four more.

It's unlikely you've ever seen a child eat the way Michael does. No wonder he weighs nearly thirty pounds!

Tomorrow I'm getting up at o-dark-thirty to head to the Turkey Trot with one of my dearest college friends, Cindy. We don't get to spend much time together so I'm dragging my rump out of bed to go walk five miles with her in the cold and possibly also in the rain. THAT is devotion. I know we aren't running, but I'm still a wee bit concerned about the five miles part, it isn't like hopping out of bed and taking a stroll around the block. Wish me luck!


Pam said...

Good luck & Happy Thanksgiving!

desperate housewife said...

1. I would love my kids to eat tacos like that. I can't tell you how many times I've offered them, but each time they are met with disdain. What the heck, weird kids?
2. Good look on the Turkey Trot!

Emily said...

Hands down, Katy's favorite place to eat is Chipotle. She eats every morsel, which is rare for her. David likes chips and guac.

I wish I could've come and walked 5 miles with you and Cindy. I bet that was FUN! (but cold)