Tuesday, November 03, 2009

It's so Easy to Forget

Harper is a bright child, and she is FULL of attitude. I think she quite often acts/speaks/thinks older than her actual age. When she's acting out or not living up to my (admittedly sometimes too lofty) expectations, I frequently have to stop and remind myself that she is only four years old. And yes, she'll be five in a couple of weeks, but still, FOUR. I need to stop being surprised/appalled when she acts like a child because, Oh look! She is one.

(Looking "sad" in this picture because she was pretending those trees were her jail.)

I had plans to roast pumpkin seeds this afternoon. It makes the first year I've actually followed through on this plan. Last year or the year before we separated and rinsed the seeds and then I left them damp in a container on the counter top until they got moldy. Classy!

Anyway I let Harper help me mix the oil and salt into this year's bowl of non-moldy seeds and then she asked, "Can I push the lever?"

I looked over at the oven and could not for the life of me figure out what she was talking about. So I asked, "What lever honey?"

"This one!" she exclaimed, gesturing wildly to the lever on the toaster.

She thought that we were going to toast the pumpkin seeds!

See? Only four.


Anonymous said...

I love November and the daily blog posts. Cute story about a beautiful 4 year old! Keep the posts coming.



Giselle said...

I face the same issues with Andrew (shocker...they are twins, afterall). Sometimes I'm so bad that Jeff has to point it out to me. Yikes. I hope I don't scar him for life.

Lil Mouse said...

As long as she's not acting 14! ha!cute toaster reference!

CARRIE said...

I find that I am expecting more of N now that newest baby has arrived...and, like you, I have to remind myself that she is just a child.

It's hard being a kid--
And a parent.

Marie Green said...

Common error with us moms and our eldest children. I do that too, with my oldest. It was especially hard when they were 3,4, and 5... somehow as they've gotten older, I've gotten more realistic in my expectations!