Friday, November 29, 2013

Something There That Wasn't There Before

Ok, so, for Harper's dance competitions all the girls have to wear the same pair of blingy earrings. They come in both clip on and pierced varieties. For her birthday Matt and I gave Harper a box with three pairs of the earrings in them. Yes, three, we have to use them for all performances from January until the end of May and I am told it is very hard to get your hands on more mid-season. 

Anyway - we thought buying two clip on pairs and one pierced pair would be a fun way to let Harper know we were going to let her get her ears pierced. 

We gave her the gift of earrings when the family was over to celebrate her birthday last Saturday. I already had an appointment to get them pierced this past Wednesday.

Harper and I went to Chipotle for lunch before the appointment so it would feel more like an event. The lighting isn't great for this photo (she looks so tired!) but please notice her unblemished ears.

Through I friend I found a pediatrician that pierces ears (ours doesn't) and was willing to do it, even for someone who wasn't a regular patient. I had heard some unfortunate stories about the cleanliness, or lack thereof, of mall places. Since my children seem to have temperamental/reactive bodies (see allergies, asthma, eczema) this seemed like the best way to go. The only problem with having your ears pierced in a pediatrician's office is that it goes much like an actual pediatrician appointment, complete with paperwork, answering lots of questions, and lots and lots of waiting. 

Harper was so nervous!

If there was a downside (other than the paperwork and the waiting) to going the pediatrician route, it's that the only choices for earrings were silver or gold hearts or circles. Harper chose silver circles. I think Harper was hoping for something a bit more sparkly, but she only has to stick with this pair for the first couple of months. 

The pediatrician was very precise about the placement of the earrings and explained that she pierced so that the earrings were even with each other, rather than in the exact center of each particular lobe. Did you know that most of us have uneven earlobes? I did not.

I present, a nine-year-old with pierced ears!

They grow up so fast - sniff, sniff.

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Swistle said...

Such a fun/exciting milestone!