Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lost Days

Technically I am doing a terrible job with this post every day in November thing... however, I still think I can hit 30 posts for the 30 days and we'll agree to count that as success. Because I said so.

So where have we been? 

We had family in town and then left town ourselves - more about both of those later. For now, here is a photo of the kids in a hotel pool in Evansville, Indiana, taken sometime yesterday morning:

By child's definition a road trip is worthwhile if you get to swim in a hotel pool... right?

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1 comment:

MamaK said...

30 posts TOTALLY count.

Kaden would agree- any hotel makes a difference. One day out of the blue, he says to me "I miss living in a hotel. It's so nice to not have to do anything" and he's FIVE! geesh.