Saturday, November 30, 2013

Missing Teeth

I remember being so emotional when Harper lost her first tooth and for some reason it isn't hitting me the same way with Michael. His first tooth came out about a month/six weeks ago...

We had to write a note to The Tooth Fairy because we didn't actually have the tooth...

The above note says, "Dear Tooth Fairy, Sorry we do not know where my tooth is. -Michael" 

He was with Matt and Harper at a roller skating birthday party for one of Harper's friends when it fell out. We are pretty sure he ate it with his pizza.

Then, not long after, he lost the other bottom one. We, er, didn't have that one either.

"Dear The Tooth Fairy, We lost my tooth. We think I swallowed it. I ate it with a taco. -Michael" 

He was very tired when we were writing that note, which is why I finished up for him.

The two teeth out at the same time worked very well for our family photos...

(Thanks again to Danielle of Chocolate Pudding Moments!)

It's funny how things worked out. Harper would have been so upset not to have her teeth to leave for the Tooth Fairy, but Michael wasn't really bothered at all. The notes worked just fine. 

Should I be worried that he had two teeth come out in his mouth without really noticing? The second time I just jokingly asked after dinner if he still had his tooth and the answer was no!


Haleh Ashkevari said...

Sounds like Harper’s teeth have gone missing twice, huh? Anyway, I think the Tooth Fairy will understand; some teeth do fall off without kids noticing, right? And since Harper’s teeth are giving him the slip, I think it’s best to introduce him to the dentist to keep his teeth and gums healthy.

Haleh Ashkevari

Sharon Woods said...

It was probably because you knew what to expect, so the emotions weren’t hitting you the same way it did before. Besides, first times are always something of a big deal. Haha! Anyway, you’re doing a great job being a tooth fairy to your kids. Those notes are cute and downright funny! Cheers!

Sharon Woods @ Falls Park Dentistry

Rudy Spencer said...

Those kids had a funny way of handling their first tooth loss. I hope Michael didn’t actually swallow his tooth. Haha! It must have fallen off somewhere between the time he was riding the rollercoaster and the birthday party. Anyway, what matters is they’ll grow up taking good care of the permanent teeth, which will grow after their baby teeth had fallen out. Take care, and good day!

Rudy Spencer @ LBDP