Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Not The Tuesday I Expected

So - today didn't go exactly as I planned due in large part to a massive toilet overflow in our hallway bathroom.

Instead of working out, showering, and writing/blogging this morning, I exercised and then flushed a toilet with unexpected results. Hey, at least it came before the shower.

I thoroughly cleaned a disgusting bathroom mess and sprinkled throughout the rest of my day was dealing with the disgusting wash and even cleaning out the washing machine. Yes, it was so bad that I had to clean up the washing machine after the cycle had run.

One day my children will grow up and demand therapy when they realize their mother wrote about their poo on the internet.

I also got to take the kids to get their flu shots this afternoon!

All this after Aaron Rodgers got injured and the Packers lost to the Bears last night.

Woe. Is. Me.

I guess in this month of Thanksgiving I can take a moment to be thankful that my problems, while gross and inconvenient, are the kind that I can post on Facebook for a laugh...


Giselle said...

This has happened several times to me. It is the grossest thing ever. And at our house, when the downstairs toilet overflows, it flows right through the sideboards and down into our basement. So I have poo water to clean up dripping all over down there as well. Horrifying.

Jill said...

we've really got to get a plunger. no idea what I would do if ours overflowed... use my hands?

Swistle said...

One of the biggest freak-outs I have ever had in my entire life was when a toilet overflowed.

Chris said...

I'm so lazy...I was looking for the like button! I like the post, not the day, but yes, you have a lot for which to be thankful.