Saturday, November 23, 2013

Any Guesses?

Today several family members are coming over to celebrate Harper's 9th birthday. I followed her seemingly simple request for a cake this year. Once again, I have over-estimated my ability to draw with frosting! I really don't like the taste of fondant but I may have to rethink that one of these years. Oh well... The purple polka-dot candies were a nice (nut-free!) touch. 

Can you tell what it is?


Swistle said...

Elizabeth and I are puzzling it out. The shade of pink evokes ballet for me, so I wondered it it was a ballet shoe. A high-heeled one with an elf toe and...complicated ribbons. Okay, maybe not a ballet shoe.

Well, we're mystified! I'll be looking forward to finding out!

Swistle said...

Looking at it more, I'm wondering if it's supposed to be TWO ballet slippers, both up on their toes. We'd be seeing the one on the right as if from the top, and then the one on the left would be a side view. The rest, I'd guess, would be ribbons. The one thing I still can't figure out is why there'd be a gap in the slipper on the right, about halfway up.

MamaK said...

I had no idea, but I still think it's awesome... you made it. (I'm not a fondant person either. which i just proved to myself by typing in 'fondue' initially...)

Ballet shoes could work!