Sunday, November 24, 2013

Birthday Raffle

For a week, maybe two, Harper has been making her own plans for our day of celebrating her birthday. Like many others, we've been gripped by the Rainbow Loom bug in this house. Harper decided to make enough bracelets for the number of people who would attend the party and then raffle them off!

She made a box for each bracelet, and numbered them.

Please notice the tool belt she re-purposed as a raffle ticket holder... we each had a roll of five tickets, which she gave out and then thoughtfully provided pens for us to write our names on our five tickets.

We had to put the tickets into the boxes for the bracelets we were interested in winning. 

Then she drew names and announced the winners... I have to give so much credit to our family members who cheered when they won, and who pouted (my brother, Jamie) when not called at all. 

I think it all went off just as Harper imagined.

Except maybe for the fact that Michael won three times.

Thanks for playing along, everyone!

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Emily said...

LOVE this. So cute and such a great way to spend a 9th birthday. Katy has a rainbow loom on her Christmas list - and I think I'll tell her about this raffling idea - she would love to do something like this - so fun!

And also...I'm not commenting on the Christmas CD post because I already won and you made me my two favorite Christmas CDs ever. But so glad you are resurrecting the tradition. You are the best that way.