Monday, November 18, 2013


Earlier this month I wrote about going to have our photos taken at an arboretum near our house. A couple of weeks ago we got to see a few sneak peek photos on Facebook, but tonight we were able to click through all the images on the photographer's website. Oh my...

I am still not a fan of having my photo taken but I love the job Danielle did of capturing our family. I am going to hold off on linking to her website right now, just in case you can see our last name with the photos. HOWEVER if we know you already please ask for her information and I will share, I will also share it on Facebook eventually.

Here is one of my favorites of the children:

(Taken by Danielle)

I cannot say enough good things about working with Danielle. I hope she keeps taking photos in our area for a long, long time because we certainly plan to work with her again.

UPDATE: Danielle did a clever thing on her website and just called us, "Midwest Mom's Family" no last name needed.! You can find her online at Chocolate Pudding Moments.


CARRIE said...

That is a great picture! I've really enjoyed seeing the ones on FB.

tracy said...

i just looked at the pictures on the website and they are BEAUTIFUL.