Friday, November 01, 2013

My Least Favorite Holiday

Even before we knew about Harper's food allergies, I wasn't a huge fan of Halloween. Our very first year I made Harper's costume in what I think was an attempt to prove that I didn't hate Halloween. I'm not a big dressing up person, I hate spending money on costumes, but I am not the crafty type that is very good a putting them together myself.

Then add nut allergies to the mix and Halloween becomes kind of a bust.

Last year we had horrible weather on Halloween and one or both of the kids had colds, so we phoned it in and went bowling instead.

This year we had been planning to attempt trick-or-treat, but I had already told the kids we wouldn't be eating any of that candy. In the past we separated out the stuff that we "knew" was safe. This year, however, I've seen too many big bags of candy in the stores that combine safe and unsafe treats. Wanting to eat candy just doesn't seem like a good reason to risk at trip to the ER or worse...

Sometime last weekend Matt convinced the kids that bowling would be a good idea again. And, while it was warmer, it was still rainy and windy last night. Instead of heading out into the muck we bowled a couple of games and then headed to Matt's parents where each child got a huge bag of Halloween treats that they could eat.

Michael was Mickey Mouse and Harper was a Hello Kitty Nerd... I was frustrated, once again, at how difficult it is to find appropriate costumes for the children. I felt like most of the boy costumes were too violent or scary and the girl costumes were too slutty. Why would ANYTHING made for 8, 9, and 10 year-old children come with fishnet stockings? Why? And I am the first to admit that I'm a complete prude about that sort of thing, but sheesh!

So we survived another year of Halloween. And yes, survived, is exactly how I look at it. I did have a semi-major meltdown in the elementary school when I walked into Harper's classroom and found her about to eat something that hadn't been checked out beforehand. Mostly because there have been too many stories lately of allergic reactions and even children losing their lives to their food allergies. It's possible I didn't realize how much I was carrying that with me until I saw Harper about to eat something that I wasn't sure was safe. It's also possibly that I overreacted a tiny bit since I'd been up until after midnight baking safe cookies for both kids' parties. 

But now Halloween 2013 is behind us, and I don't have to worry too much about it for another year. 

Bring on November.


Emily said...

I hate how the peanut allergy makes class parties and holidays in general so stressful for you. :( I enjoy trick or treating because I just love neighbors and love that everyone is outside and friendly and talking, but the costume part is so stressful. I always feel relieved when it's over.

I'm REALLY excited about your daily November posts. Would still love to hear how you came to be not-working this year and how you think it's going staying home and just general thoughts on the subject. I know that can be loaded all over the place, but I'm just really interested in your personal experience is all.

MamaK said...

November! Woo-hoo for your posting and catching up :)

Kade just started Kindergarten, and we had his first 'fall treat day' - and I was thinking of you and Harper, so we asked about allergies. Turns out his school puts all the food allergy kids in the same class(es), so only 1-2 have to think about it. Which seemed brilliant and then not so much all at the same time. What do you think about it?

Kelsey said...

I actually kind of like the idea of keeping the allergic kids together - I think it makes things simpler for sure. Having said that, it is still important for the entire school staff to be allergy aware! This is the first year that Harper and another nut- allergic student in her grade haven't been together and the other family is not having a good experience. The mom already remarked that she would be sure they were in the same class again next year.

Sara said...

I always wonder what the deal is at Ally's school. I tend to be concerned more about the nut issue (even though Ally is not allergic) than the school is. In fact, pb&j is a lunch option every day. I have asked Ally how that works and she doesn't know, so maybe there is a special table for the allergic kids? I realized on Halloween that I didn't have anything special like lollipops or skittles, so I brought up a box of fruit snacks just in case. We were gone most of the time trick or treating ourselves. We had lousy weather, but I can totally see bowling as a better option. Glad to see you posting again. I pretty much gave up. :)