Thursday, November 14, 2013


I guess it's no surprise that I'm having a little trouble with the every-day-ness of blogging every day this month. My goal at this point is just to have the correct number of posts for November, and I'll do two in a day when I've missed here or there. Ok?

Why is it so hard?

The writing part of it isn't too bad, but last night, and earlier this week, I hadn't done it all day and I just forgot before I went to bed.

I have definitely been a little taken aback at how easily my time has filled up even though I'm not working this year. To be fair, some of that is just personal pursuits, like exercising semi-regularly and doing a little writing. But where does the rest of it go:

-Even with the kids' crazy schedules we've had fairly regular homemade meals, which also takes time.

-There's the sort of endless lather-rinse-repeat cycles of preparing and cleaning up from meals, packing lunches, loading and unloading the dishwasher, etc.

-I like to think our laundry is a little less behind than it was last year, and the sheets are being changed more frequently.

-The children have their homework and projects completed on time (and they usually remember to hand them in) and we haven't missed any major deadlines for field trips or fundraisers.

-Our appointments have been scheduled in a more timely manner, and kept.

-And I have volunteered at school on a weekly basis. And stayed on top-ish of my PTO duties.

-I'm substitute teaching here and there, an average of once a week.

I suppose the point I'm trying to make, for myself as much as anyone else, is that I am doing a lot but I'm maybe not keeping my house as clean as I thought I would...


MamaK said...

do any of us keep our house as clean as we think we should?


sounds like you're plugging along quite well.

and(since I'm reading 2 in a day!) - NICE DOORS! but 46 windows? that's kinda amazing, I think

Jill said...

Everything goes in cycles around here. some days are better and some are worse. just try not to let the 'worse' ones get you down, and hey your kids are old enough to pick up after themselves-- make it a race. I bet they could take off their own sheets and move their laundry around the house if needed!