Friday, November 22, 2013

Bedtime Music

When I was in high school a friend's older sister had a mix tape that was like a magic bullet for falling asleep. I think we called it, "The Sleep Tape." I used it several times when I was all wired and couldn't settle down (I think this is a night owl trait) and never successfully listened to the entire A side or the entire B side without drifting off to sleep. I was thinking that it might be nice to make a CD or playlist version of that cassette or something similar. I have a ton of mellow music that I think could be powerfully sleep inducing if combined correctly...

Two nights ago Michael was sitting in a chair in my bedroom while I folded laundry. I put a CD in and walked out of the room for a minute. When I came back he looked like this:

The CD was Joshua Radin's We Were Here, in case you want to induce sleep in any of your children, you might give it a try.

That picture, by the way, was taken at 6:50 p.m. I got him into his pajamas and into bed by 7:00 and he didn't get up until 7:00 the next morning. I guess he was tired. 

And I know where to begin with that playlist.


Annmarie said...

We were friends last night for dinner and were talking to them about how GOOD you are at "making" CD's so they are personalized. I know this will be a perfect combination - look forward to hearing them. Ann
BTW - I met Michael's BFF at dinner.

Annmarie said...

Last night at dinner with friends we were just talking about how great you are at making personalized CD's that are perfect fits. Look forward to hearing this one.
BTW-At dinner I met Michael's BFF