Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Birthday Tradition?

Tonight there are three extra third grade girls "sleeping" at our house. We have done fairly large birthday parties for Harper since she turned five and it felt like a good time to scale back.

No party room, no decorations, no second cake, no goodie bags, just four friends (including Harper), ice cream sundaes, and sleeping bags.

It wasn't until after we made this plan that I remembered that my mom and dad surprised me with a birthday sleepover when I turned nine.

My babysitter drove my sister and I to see a movie, The Journey of Natty Gann, and when we got back my friends were at my house! It was a great surprise. Incidentally I also remembered that it snowed that night. 

I don't feel right about posting pictures of Harper's friends without their parents' permission, but I found some old photos and I have no qualms about posting photos from my birthday celebration...

The girl standing is my sister, then from left to right on the floor are Rebecca, myself, Kristen, and Laura. Please note that Laura was holding a gumball machine which someone had given me. I was thrilled but, in retrospect, I wonder if my mom loved that gift. 

My mom also took a picture of all of us sleeping that night, but since you can see someone's underwear I decided against posting that particular photo.

I realize I never revealed what the mystery cake from Harper's family party actually was:

It WAS a pair of poorly executed pair of ballet slippers... so if there was a prize Swistle would be the winner. And, it did sort of look like the image I'd been working from. If I could find it again I would post it for comparison. You'll just have to take my word for it.


Swistle said...

A surprise slumber party is such a good idea!

bluedaisy said...

Love the flashback pics...and that sweater you are wearing? I had the same one (or very, very similar).

Sleepover party = awesome!!