Monday, November 27, 2006

Verbal Acrobatics

Harper is speaking pretty well these days, never mind that I'm the only one who can understand her half the time. Perhaps it was mean, but I had a nice laugh in the car this morning, getting her to repeatedly say Dziatku and Cox Arboretum in the same sentence. She was a good sport.

It didn't look very nice outside today, but I'll take cloudy and fifty degrees any day in November. It actually got much warmer than that, but we had to make our trip to the arboretum in the morning. No pretty flowers or butterflies this time, but plenty of open space and fresh air.

On another verbal note:

What is perhaps more shocking than what Harper is able to say are the thoughts she puts together.

Saturday morning we were at Auntie M's house and Harper was chasing one of the cats saying, "Comere (come here) kitty! Comere kitty! Don't be shy!"

Tonight we were dancing to Christmas music in the kitchen, putting on a mighty nice show for the neighbors or people driving by, and Harper instructed me to,"Dance wif your arms on top!" Meaning, over my head.

Also tonight in the kitchen I enthusiastically, um, passed a little gas. Harper looked at me very seriously and asked, "Do you need to go baf woom Mommy?"

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Erin said...

I love love LOVE the Harper quotes! I think I said that a few posts ago, but I needed to say it again. Imagining her saying those things totally makes me smile at my computer screen.