Saturday, November 11, 2006


Harper has a Fisher Price zoo, which comes with 26 animals, one for every letter of the alphabet. Harper knows the names of quite a few of the animals although, with one for every letter, there are some creative choices. Anyone care to guess what "u" might be? She's also pretty good at matching the animals with the letters on the zoo play mat. The animals have letters on them and the letters on the mat all have pictures of their animals, so she's really just matching, but it takes a lot of concentration. Anyhow. . . We are having one little problem with the zoo. It has to do with the camel. Of course camel begins with "c" and has a letter "c" printed right on it. The "c" means nothing to Harper, who insists the camel is a horse. Actually she insists it's a "howsie." Over and over, "It's a camel!" We tell her. She is not buying it. Today Auntie M told her it was a camel and she deigned to say camel one time before she went back to horsey.


Isn't she awfully young to have already decided that we don't know anything?


Bridget said...

Wow! All I can say is that you MUST be doing something right if she listened to you up to now. Since he started on solids, Jack is suspicious EVERY time I put food in front of him. His expression says "What are you trying to pass off as edible NOW?!?" The only thing I make that he will eat without suspicion is scrambled eggs and cheese.

Erin has that same toy and we play with it regularly at her house. I am most thrown off by quail. Jack likes to push the animal sounds with his feet and tries to see how many animals he can cram in a tin can that Erin has only to become unreasonably angry when the tin can't hold anymore.

I know it's wrong to laugh, but.... :)

Erin said...

That's a great toy. We're going to collect the little people toys over the years. "U" is for UTE!!

Jack gets the hippo and elephant confused, but he always knows the monkey. He picks it up and says "ee-ee oo-oo ah-ah."

When you and Harper come to visit, we can call all the animals the wrong names together.