Monday, November 13, 2006


This will be brief, again, as I can barely keep my eyes open here. I have two exams/projects down and three to go. Saturday I will be free! Until then, I will try to keep up with the once a day posting (I'm almost halfway there!) for November.

I have nothing earth shattering for today. You know, as opposed to all the other days, when my insight and wit simply blow your mind. . . Or not. Harper and I enjoyed a nice jam session this morning while listening to Free to Be You and Me. In case you are wondering, it took her about 37 minutes to eat the cheese stick she is holding in the picture. I kept offering to put it away for her, as she set it down on the couch to collect lint, but she said, "No pu way, my chee sick!" If she had been using it as a pretend microphone I might have understood. She did finish it, eventually.

You know you are really having a good time when there is music, cheese, and a monkey involved.

Harper was dancing with a stuffed monkey that Nana brought over to cheer her up since she wasn't feeling so well. Nana mentioned that the monkey looked like Curious George; to which Harper said, "Wer man in hat?" If you are not familiar, every story/cartoon about Curious George includes his friend, The Man in the Yellow Hat. Harper wasn't being ungrateful, she was merely observing that, if the monkey was George, he was missing an important companion. I thought that was actually pretty clever of her.

In other random Harper news, we were looking at an alphabet book today before her nap, and when we got to the "z" page she pointed and said, "Dats (that's) a zewo (zero)!" Which, in fact, it was. Beware, she is paying attention!

I have seventeen more days to post this month. Do you have any questions for us?

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