Thursday, November 16, 2006

I Also Thought She Was Too Young For . . .

Claiming my birthday gifts as her own.

Harper loves the iPod. I have a few Jack Johnson songs from the Curious George soundtrack on there and I made the mistake of letting her know about it. Now she wants "mo moosic" all the live long day. Want to place bets on the age at which she gets her own MP3 player?

The last few days Harper has been reluctant (ha!) to eat anything other than cereal or animal crackers. Tonight I gave her some different fruit options to go with her dinner and she chose a banana. Then she decided she didn't actually want the banana and she told me, "I no eat banana, cake way, puh in gabig can." (Which translates to: I won't eat banana, take it away, put it in the garbage can.) I guess she told me. Then she told me she was still hungry (for cookies) but I finally managed to get some oranges into her by pretending they were people. It all started with a little piece of orange which I said was a baby orange. She ate it and then asked me to find a mommy orange. Before long she'd eaten just about everyone we know, happily I might add, I'm not going to analyze what this means.

And speaking of throwing things in a garbage can (remember the banana), we were opening birthday cards tonight and Harper opened a card which had a dollar in it. I told her it was money and asked her what we do with money (Note: I was running the video camera during this conversation.) . She told me, "Frow it in gabig can!" and she ran for the kitchen! By the time I put the camera down and chased after her she had actually thrown the dollar away. That's disposable income for you!

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