Saturday, November 04, 2006

Stuck on You

Today was the one day, 20% off sale, at our local bookstore. Having done some early research, I decided to take advantage of the day to get a head start on some Christmas shopping (it's not that far away people!). Unfortunately that meant dragging Harper out to the store after her afternoon nap, which is not always a good idea. Armed with snacks, a sippy cup, and lots of prep talk in the car, I was hoping for a good trip. Things started off well when I told Harper we were going to the bookstore and she was going to ride in her stroller; she responded, "Book sore, yea! Ri in swor, yea!" and clapped.

All the way to the store I talked to her about what books we were going to look for and what she was going to do, namely, stay in the stroller! She handled the outing beautifully and only started getting cranky as we were leaving after 45 minutes of successful shopping. I now fear that I may have squandered all her holiday good will already, peaking far too early in the season.

I had told Harper that we could get out stickers when we got home, a favorite activity these days. "How exactly are stickers an activity?" you ask. It goes like this. We get out a sheet of stickers (this time they were Halloween Dora stickers from Nana and Dziatku), Harper points to the one she wants, I peel it off and hand it to her, she puts it on a piece of paper then looks up and says, "On mo peas?" (One more please?) And we do it again. On really exciting days, there are also crayons involved.

Tonight while we were playing stickers Harper decided to walk on the wild side and put some on her shirt. Then she commanded I take a picture. In the kitchen. I don't know why.

Then she backed up very carefully and told me to take one more. Cheese!

We were happy about the trip to the bookstore. We were happy about the stickers. The Wisconsin Badgers won today. Really, can we ask for anything else from a Saturday? I think not.

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Megan said...

You always come up with good titles for your post- very clever. I am horrible at coming up with them and admire you ability to cleverly sum up your post.

That's all for now...

Megan :)