Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Looking to Better Times

Like yesterday.

Or 9:30 this morning.

Today started like any other day. We woke up. We dressed. We ate. We let the painters in and then took the dog to the kennel. Maniac Rebound + painters doing trim work = a huge mess. So, in Harper's words, "Weba see frens?" Rebound is spending the night with friends.

After dropping Rebound off we headed to play group. I love our play group and I'm thrilled it has started back up after a long hiatus. Unfortunately Harper sneezed the entire time we were there. It was like someone flipped a switch and her internal snot fountain sprang to life. I am not sure if she is suffering from some seasonal allergies (which would not be surprising) or reacting to the fumes from the primer the painters had been using, but I really hope this isn't turning into a big, bad cold.

By 1:00 this afternoon the girl was miserable. She didn't even want any lunch. Her nose was raw from all the blowing and wiping. No nap today. Just three hours of stuffy breathing in between screams. Our lovely day transformed into something of a nightmare. Let me repeat: No. Nap.

I have a rather unsettling response to these situations. I know I'm supposed to turn into a very warm, patient, nurturing spirit when my daughter is sick, but I mostly just feel frustrated. Of course I hate to see how miserable she is. And I hate that I can't do much to make her feel better, other than to let her bury her dripping nose into my chest, leaving loving little reminders that she's not feeling well all over my sweatshirt. Ew.

When I began graduate school someone failed to tell me that there is some Murphy's Law dictating your child will be sick at the end of each quarter. I have my fingers crossed that today was a temporary nasal setback and everyone will wake up tomorrow with clear sinuses.

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Erin said...

Sorry Kels! Hang in there and don't feel bad about feeling frustrated. We ALL feel that way when our kids are sick.

When you and Harper come to visit, we can wipe baby noses for each other.