Monday, November 06, 2006

Caution: Wet Paint

It's the last week and a half of the quarter, which means exams, projects, etc. Harper's birthday is in a week and a half and we'll have people here to celebrate. So of course we chose this week to have the main area of the house painted. Doesn't that sound like great planning? We didn't actively choose this week, it was more of a passive decision. We finally picked out a color and called the painters to let them know and they said, "Can we come next week?" They are in high demand and can be scheduled months into the future, so when their time opens up it's hard to say no. This way we'll have the space painted before everyone comes for Harper's birthday and that's a good thing, even if it makes this week extra chaotic.

Learning that painters would be coming motivated us (read: Matt) to purchase new light fixtures for the hall. After much stress and headache, they were successfully installed last night.

Exhibit A:

Front Hall Fixture

Exhibit B:

Fixture Near the Bedrooms (which is not as yellowish as it appears here)

Matt did an excellent job and we now have brighter and more aesthetically pleasing lighting in the corridors of our home.

As if that weren't enough, Matt earned extra-bonus super husband points by both making and cleaning up from dinner this evening, and taking care of putting Harper to bed.

The main living area in our house is drop clothed and covered in plastic. Add some creepy background music and a few boarded up windows and we'd have a horror movie set right here.

Harper was fascinated by the painters today. I'm sure she would have loved to jump in and help. In fact, when they went on a lunch break, she wandered into the living room and had her hand around the roller full of wet paint before I could reach her. Fortunately I caught her before she actually did any painting, Lord help us all!

Rebound would have loved to help paint as well, undoubtedly by running through the paint tray and adorning the floors with satin finish paw prints. No thanks. We have him spending his days at Nana and Dziatku's the first part of the week. Then he'll be in doggy day care if the painters need more time to finish. They insist they've worked with animals before and it's so cute when cats curl up and sleep right on top of the plastic covered couches. I'm pretty sure a day spent painting with Rebound as an assistant and they'd be changing their animal policies in a big hurry.

I made some crack, while the painters were here, about all of us getting high on paint fumes. One of them told me that it would take an awfully sensitive person to be bothered by the latex paint. So I guess I have to blame my raging headache on all those political "ads" and automated phone calls. Thank goodness that will all be behind us, for better or worse, tomorrow. Don't forget to vote!

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