Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm Old, But At Least I'm Cool

It has been a wonderful and busy birthday including having family photos taken, finishing my second to last final, and going on a movie/dinner date. Now I am tired and so full I feel like I will never need to eat again (a feeling which I'm sure will disappear before morning).

Harper greeted me appropriately by being in her birthday suit when I went in to get her up this morning.

Her pajamas had been tossed to the floor, along with a few stuffed animals to keep them company.

I know that thirty isn't really that old; it is just one of those birthdays. My cool factor went way up this morning when I received an iPod Nano from Harper and Matt. It almost makes me look forward to lawn mowing in the spring. That Sony Walkman had been weighing me down man.

Now it is only 10 p.m. and I am headed to bed. Good night all.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kelsey! I'm glad you had a great day, and I hope this is your best year ever!

Erin said...


When you and Harper come visit, can you please teach me how to use the iPod? I've been thinking about wanting one, but I don't have the first clue how they work. And I'm a little nervous that having and iPod requires me to sign up for some music download service. Please advise.

Happy Happy Birthday!!

When do you pass the torch?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kelsey !

Just to help clear things up for you - it's not turning 30 that's bad, it's everything that comes after 30 !! And then, you just get to conveniently "forget" how old you really are. They're just numbers after that.

I'll be celebrating the 2nd anniversary of my 30th birthday in a few weeks also. I just hope that I get bowled over one day with all of the wisdom that (supposedly) comes with age to make it worth my while !

Hope you have a great year ahead of you !

- Laura