Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Story in Pictures

Harper attacked this apple at lunch today. I cut a few slices for her, which she ate, and then she told me, "No ca (cut) up!"

Sadly, when the apple started threatening to overflow out her ears, I took it away from her. Harper did not agree with this decision.

We may have to rename her Harper Appleseed.


Erin said...

This totally reminds me of Jack. He eats whole apples like that but it's hilariously funny. He takes these little baby bites out of the apple at completely random places. Not like most people eat apples, around the center. He'll bite right out of the top or the bottom, and the apple looks completely mutilated by the end. But he loves it!

When you come visit with Harper, we'll all eat apples together.

Anonymous said...

Why would you take the food away from her? She's completely in touch with her body and her needs - she would have stopped when full, or when she got bored with it. Controlling food is a "hot" issue with me - I know (from my own experience) that it can lead to very warped perspectives on eating and control. I have learned with my kids, that the LESS I control, the happier we all are. Check out consensual-living.com

Kelsey said...

Perhaps I wasn't clear. I took the apple away because her mouth was so full (see the bottom photo) I thought she would choke. We let her eat until she is full, but we try to make sure she swallows the food in her mouth before she puts more in!

Anonymous said...

Oh, oops! Thanks for clarifying. Like I said... well, what I said was food is an "issue" for me; I think it fits to say I have "food issues", too! I remember being told "You can't be hungry, you just ate" when I was definitely still hungry, and being made to clean my plate when I wasn't hungry at all. *shudder* Sorry I jumped the gun on ya!