Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Fitting End

Apparently Harper wanted to give this month-long-blog-a-thon a proper send off. We are having some napping issues at our house. Namely, she doesn't always want one. Two out of the last four days she has napped for nearly three hours, the other two she played in her crib for nearly two hours and slept but not at all!

Today was one of the no nap days. I could hear her in there, talking, singing (Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells, and Three Blind Mice), and generally making merry. I had no idea how merry she was making until I walked in to retrieve her and found:

1) Harper nearly nude, with her diaper out of whack, but not actually removed.

2) Clothes on the floor.

3) Blankets and animals on the floor.

And, oh yes, she had reached over to her book case, got hold of the nearly full tissue box and I found:

4) Approximately 60 tissues on the floor; the other 30 were in her bed.

I immediately burst out laughing and then went to get the camera. I know she shouldn't have wasted the tissue, but I'll move the tissue box and then won't have to worry about a repeat performance, at least not while she's sleeping in her crib. She was throwing the tissues up in the air like leaves and shouting, "Wee!"

I did make her clean them up.

The evidence:

So, while we aren't about to make a habit of allowing Harper to empty our tissue boxes, it was great fun and I'm not sorry she spent her "nap" that way.


Bridget said...

Oh, my god! I swear - Jack is going through the SAME PHASE! See my blog entry on Kleenex says "thank you!" :)

It is rather amusing, isn't it?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the month of great blogs and pictures of Harper. She and her antics have been very entertaining! We are going to miss the daily blogs be we will appreciate the future blogs evern more.