Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Statistics and an Apology

Matt was quick to point out today that I didn't post yesterday. Although I did. Here's what happened:

I was busy putting address labels on our Christmas cards (ha -- aren't you jealous of all the organization over here?) and I looked up and saw it was 11:56 and I hadn't posted yet. (Some of you may recall that I was attempting to post every day in November.) I jumped up and ran to the computer, as though it might explode if I didn't post some drivel about Harper before midnight. I missed. The computer didn't explode, but the post, which I started on Monday, technically posted on Tuesday, at 12:06 a.m. Sue me. I'm going to forge ahead as though I didn't miss that little deadline.

Yesterday morning we took Harper for her two year well visit at the doctor. It was the third time we'd been to the doctor in less than two weeks. We were there ten days ago to investigate the wheezing, then we had a check-up with the allergist, and then back for our well visit. Harper has been so much better at the doctor's office than in the past. She even got a flu vaccine with barely a whimper. A nice change from our appointments six months ago when we were both in tears. Here are her two year stats:

Height: 35 1/4 inches -- 90%
Weight: 26 1/4 pounds -- 50%
Head circumference: 50.3 centimeters -- 97%

So she's still tallish, less skinnyish, and continues to sport one large noggin. Seriously, we've had to pack shirts away because they just couldn't be coaxed over that melon. Our doctor keeps saying we can expect great things from that big head, but I don't believe there's any actually correlation between head size and intelligence. I suppose we'll see.

Matt is celebrating because he heard someone say that if you take a child's height at age two and double it, that's how tall she'll be. Since he's all set to sign the papers on Harper's college basketball scholarship, he's happy to predict that she'll top out at just over five feet, ten inches. Unfortunately the formula the nurse gave us, which has to do with the parents' heights, predicts that Harper will be more like five feet, five inches.

I'm not going to worry too much about her athletic future until she learns to get two feet of the floor when she jumps.


I promised some birthday highlights and photos. Here's a rundown of the main events:

Harper's cake -- it was a fish. It was pink at her request. While recognizable as a fish, it turned out nothing like I imagined it when I started. Oh, and there was about a million pounds of frosting on the thing to disguise the fact that it more or less came out of the pan in two pieces. At least Harper liked it. She was trying to eat it all day long, caring very little about the customs of singing and sharing the cake with guests. What did she want for breakfast? Cake. What did she want for lunch? Cake. Did she actually eat the cake when we offered it to her after dinner? Not so much. She did lick all the frosting off her piece though.

Harper's gifts -- Harper got lots of great gifts this year; books and puzzles, musical instruments, clothes, snow boots, pretend food, a baby doll, doll accessories, and her kitchen. She was a hoot opening her presents. We would tell her who they were from and she'd take the gift up to that person and say, "Here you go." She was a pro at tearing off the wrapping paper, then she'd hold the gift up, game show style, and yell, "Taaa daaa!" No idea where that came from, I'm not much of a taaa-daaaer myself. It was hilarious. I don't actually have any very good pictures of gift opening because she wouldn't a) stand still or b) face me.

Harper's happy birthday song -- Harper clapped with glee when we sang to her. She seemed utterly delighted. Then she counted to three before blowing out her candle. Who does this? Then it didn't go out on the first try so she counted before blowing again. The very best part of the entire cake experience was when we gave her one of the gumdrops from the cake, she chewed on it for a second, then spit it back out on the cake tray. I had just turned the video camera off moments before or I'm sure Amercia's Funniest Home Videos would be cutting us a check. You can't win 'em all.

So now that we have all the birthday madness out of our systems here, bring on the holidays! We bought new lights for the Christmas tree today. This weekend we'll have holiday tunes blaring, holiday movies playing, and I'll be cursing up a storm as I try to get those new lights wound around the tree. Deck the halls! Come midnight on Thursday, you officially have my permission to let loose with the holiday cheer.

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